Robot Trainer GWAP

What is Robot Trainer?

Robot Trainer is a Game With A Purpose that aims in gathering Commonsense Knowledge. The player takes the role of a teacher. The game’s goal is to train a Robot that will travel in deep space and carry a significant amount of human knowledge so that it can teach other humans in the future, far away from earth. The game has three levels. In each level, the player gets a specific task, like building knowledge rules to answer questions, resolving conflicts and validating other players’ knowledge rules. Players are rewarded for submitting knowledge rules that help the Robot answer a question, and their fellow teachers’ contribution.


Game Mechanics

  1. AI is based on an argumentation reasoner called STAR System
  2. Game design and infrastructure based on Opensource Technologies
  3. Game is accessible from every device (PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones)
  4. The TriangleCOPA dataset was used to feed the system with short stories and animated videos

What is the purpose of the game?

The purpose of the Robot Trainer game is to gather Commonsense knowledge in the form of rules. We expect to get rules like:

  • X is cold implies X shakes or
  • X punches Y causes Y is Angry At X

Related Publications 

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