Dr. Christos Rodosthenous holds a Ph.D. in Information and Communication Systems, with specialization in Computational Cognition / Artificial Intelligence, from the Open University of Cyprus (OUC). He also holds a B.Sc. in Mathematics with a major in Computational Mathematics and Informatics and an M.Sc. in Computational Mathematics and Informatics in Education with a major in Information Technologies and Communications in Education, both from University of Patras, Greece. His research contributes to key areas of Artificial Intelligence, Commonsense Knowledge Acquisition and reasoning,  Natural Language Understanding, Story Understanding, Crowdsourcing, eLearning and new technologies and Trends in distance education.

Currently, he works at the Information Systems and Technology Services of the Cyprus University of Technology and teaches at the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. He previously worked at the eLearning and Digital Content Management Sector at the Open University of Cyprus and the Computer Technology Institute and Press “Diophantus”. He is involved in numerous National and European projects involving Language Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Crowdsourcing, Gamification, eLearning technologies, Digital repositories, Open Access and Open Data initiatives.

He is an advocate of Free and Open source software and actively participates in many actions for promoting its usage in the public sector.

[News and Updates]

  1. [27/12/2019] Completed the Moodle Educator Certificate Program (MCE) and received the Foundation Level Certification.
  2. [10/09/2019] Our system with Elektra Kypridemou titled FoodDB: A Graph Visualization Interactive Tool was awarded the 2nd place in its category.
  3. [06/09/2019] Participating in the 28th Annual Graph Drawing Contest which is held in conjunction with the 27th International Symposium on Graph Drawing and Network Visualization (GD 2019).
  4. [18/11/2018] Co-organizing the 3rd International Workshop on User-Oriented Logic Paradigms (IULP2019) with Stefan Ellmauthaler (Leipzig University)
  5. [14/11/2018] Our journal paper titled “Web-STAR: A Visual Web-based IDE for a Story Comprehension System” is now published in Theory and Practice of Logic Programming, Cambridge University Press

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